Perfection or Imperfection

A woman a man can believe with all their hearts their, views and stances. They can strive for it, yearn for it walk it.
They can do this to the best of their abillity yet still can vere to the left.
Can any one in this world say they never strayed, all the while giving their most sincere effort.
Normal is perfection, and the only perfection is in heaven.
Believe what ever you wish in this life. But stand for it to the best of your strength. Which i believe most people do.
We as people do our best, that’s what God wants. He is strongest in our weaknesses. Is this life about perfection or imperfection.

Prose of a Truth

A natural paradigm in the way of light. To tell the truth is to proclaim the luminosity of existence. To walk about in amity of veracity is to open the doors to peace.
It can calm the storms of personal and outer violence. Break down walls of resistence, confusion and utter turmoil.
Such a thing as a personal war, can strip one of reason and good judgement. Cause someone to make bad decisions, in part anyway.
Personal volition is indeed a big part how ever the fire of chaos that is within slows its resolution.
And truth the light shall swing open the gates to serenity. Such a thing can break the manacles and release from the prison of any brokenness.
Truth the light and the way to usher in paradise, visa vie serenity of mind and indeed, all involved in a conflict.

Silence while pretending

Imagine if you will a problem that evreyone knows about pretending it dose not exist. Say a person with a wierd phenomenom. All evidence points to its existence. This soul tries to get evrey one to acknolwedge it. They know but assume this person is simply playing games with it. Yet from therir very spirit soul mind and heart they never planned such. Their goal is simply to seek it to be brought into the light. All judge this person to be a fraud a liar a fake. And again from his very self he aims to be real. All he dose is to search for this truth. This abillity, lead to questions of possible mind controll or a curse and people manopolized on those questions. The abillity is similar to telepathy, and with their mind they try to find their answer. Those people. Say stop and we’ll tell you. That has been going on for 7 months. Yet acknowledgment of this would bring immediate peace. As opposed to the seven months of futillity. Reader what would be the better option. Where would the end be to this debacle?